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Impose a mandatory maximum voting age of 55

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We have minimum voter requirements, why not a maximum requirement? Neurological research has shown that as we get older, we tend to go in "reverse", with a more simplistic understanding and less independence as we age. Therefore, it only makes sense to impose a maximum voting age; otherwise we have a society with laws skewed towards favoring the old.

Our current political system shows clear favoritism to the olds (in particular, boomers). We spend an inordinate amount of money on medicare and social security, and yet programs that benefit the poor (unemployment benefits, welfare, universal healthcare, universal education) or the young (see the recent student loan interest rate issues) face a much larger amount of tumult in Congress.

The average age in Senate is 63. Is this really the age to represent the majority of hard working (emphasis on working) Americans? The median age in America is only 35, and that's the highest it's ever been. The young, the poor, and the hard working are not being fairly represented when the system favors the old and retired, who have nothing better to do than sit at home and vote.

This must end. The Boomer tyranny ends now. We're here, we're loud, and we're MAF.

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