Imported Hukoomat NA-MANZOOR in PAKISTAN

Imported Hukoomat NA-MANZOOR in PAKISTAN

June 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Naiyer Rizvi

90 Million overseas Pakistani believed, that the government of former Prime minister Imran Khan was removed with an orchestrated vote of no confidence, that was conspired by Joe Biden administration and supported by local facilitator and handlers. 

What happened next was the most shameful act when all 12 opposition parties against PTI the ruling party, were united to form a coalition government. These apposition parties with 60% of its member were on bail in criminal cases are part of this new government. 
That was a mockery of our democracy and of our constitution as well as our judiciary system.

Overseas Pakistani strongly demand Supreme Court of Pakistan to investigate that why such criminals and politicians ( while on bail ) are holding the public offices. 

We overseas Pakistanis demand for the removal of this government since the floor crossers are demoted from their seats already by the verdict of supreme court who are still part of this new government without a shame.

New Prime minister, Mr, Shehbaz Shareef himself is on bail due the criminal charges of looting public money. As per law of the land he should be in JAIL. How low a government of our beloved country can be.

This new government has passed a bill to remove the right of 90 millions Pakistani to VOTE for overseas Pakistanis. We strongly condemn this unethical decision and demand that the right of VOTE of overseas Pakistanis must be reinstated in the next election so we have a fare chance to elect our members of parliament of our own choice. 

The current imported government also has passed the law to ban the EVM Electronic Voting Machine, that will open a door for illegal voting fraud  and cheating in the next election, and to avoid that we demand that  EVM must be used in next election. 

We overseas Pakistanis work hard, day and night while away from our homeland and send a great deal of foreign exchange every year, that is utmost important for the country and its survival. We urge that our sincere demands must not be ignored.   
90 million Overseas Pakistani. 

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Signatures: 305Next Goal: 500
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