Petition For Elected Officials To Install Speed Humps and Stop Signs.

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We, the residents of Forest Hills, rightfully demand that our elected officials install speed humps and erect stop signs immediately. This is essential to halt the countless vehicle accidents which have plagued our community for the past two years. 

There have been over ten horrific accidents in Forest Hills as a result of drivers recklessly speeding down our blocks. Many families, including a school bus of children, have suffered casualties due to this negligent oversight. When the elected officials of Forest Hills community install speed humps on our streets and place stop signs at four way crossings, people will drive more carefully, preventing countless future accidents. These safety measures are essential for a secure and safe community.

The elected officials of Forest Hills were voted into office to work for the people and meet our needs. This, of course, means ensuring that our roads are safe. The residents of Forest Hills have discussed these issues with members of the community and The Department of Transportation is aware of the major problems we face.

We, the residents of Forest Hills, cannot continue to fear for our loved ones in such an unsafe community. The ongoing vehicle accidents are more than alarming, they are deadly, and must be stopped. We implore our elected officials to immediately:

1) Install speed humps in our roads to force people to drive cautiously and safely, preventing countless potentially fatal accidents.

2) Install stop signs at intersections to prevent vehicles from colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians.

The aforementioned modifications will ensure safety for everyone and will bring greater peace of mind to all of the residents of Forest Hills. The cost to install these reasonable and essential measures greatly outweighs the cost to everyone if nothing is done. Thank you very much.

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