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Save the Holland Club

The Holland Club is in grave danger. Rumours have been circulating for a while that Imperial College catering were about to stage a takeover and the Club would be "shut by Easter". Approaches to senior college officials have revealed that all is not at all well but that we should 'not fear the worst'.

However, those fears were realised when the club was today contacted by the Estates project office seeking access for a feasibility study regarding catering facilities on Level 0 Sherfield.

It has been know for years that catering has been after yet more space to sell their expensive watery coffee, short-dated petrol-station sandwiches and soggy baguettes.

Profit from and control of the Holland Club would be given preference over benefits to staff and PhD students.

The college are playing their cards close to their chest, probably to avoid the sort of outcry that came last summer when they tried to extort vast amounts from staff to park their cars without any consultation. That threat was fought off and this can too. If they decide to wreck this facility after 61 years they will get their outcry.

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