Stop the unethical deal between Imperial College London and Huawei

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Imperial College London has signed a sponsorship deal with Huawei to finance a new "tech hub", which will focus on developing 5G and AI technology [1]. This is worrying for three reasons: 

1) the links between Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) [2]

2) Huawei's involvement in Uyghur oppression [3] and 

3) the ongoing human rights violations being committed by the CCP [4]

A UK parliamentary inquiry has concluded there is "clear evidence of collusion" between Huawei and the "Chinese Communist Party apparatus" [5]. Security concerns over Huawei has led to its removal from the UK's 5G network by the UK government. 

A recent patent belonging to Huawei and a group of China-based artificial intelligence organisations discloses the use of discriminatory facial recognition systems to target the Uyghur Muslim minority group [6]. The Uyghur oppression has been labelled by the US government as a genocide, and Huawei has been party to the violations of human rights through their technologies. 

Cyber-espionage, enlisting of state-sponsored hackers, intrusive surveillance of personal information, theft of intellectual property [7], use of forced labour, sterilisation, physical and sexual violence, and concentration camps are all routine acts of the CCP [8]. Minority groups such as Uyghurs, Tibetans and Mongolians face regular oppression by the CCP. Imperial College London's collaboration with Huawei and the CCP will increase the suffering of these groups. This is because the CCP uses AI technology to systematise their cruel policies and Chinese firms can not refuse the CCP's requests [9]

Therefore, due to the reasons outlined above, the Imperial College London-Huawei deal is unethical and must be stopped. Please sign this petition, pass it on to your family and friends, and post it on your social media accounts.