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Impeach President Obama Over Domestic Policies and Deaths in Benghazi

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This petition goes to the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, and the RSC - the Republican Study Committee.

Send your dissatisfaction to Congress. Tell its members to impeach President Obama for shear incompetence.

Hope and Change. Lofty goals, perpetual lies. Only a fool would believe that this economy is Bush' fault.

Lost Homes and Dreams.

Who could possibly believe that low income homeowners with no down-payment (no investment or risk), no job-security and no ability-to-pay-the-mortgage through normal economic ups-and-downs would or could maintain 'affordable housing,' forced on mortgage lending institutions by Democrats, no matter how lofty the goal?

Through 'affordable housing' regulations and intimidation, Presidents Carter and Clinton, and Democrats in Congress, created a way for millions of people to 'buy' homes, then lose them during normal economic up-and-down cycles.

Money and Retirement Funds Lost Forever.

The mortgage investment community - comprised mainly of pension funds - tried to find a way to reduce their risks from 'affordable housing,' so they created and sold MBS' and CDS' (risky paper) to banks and other investors. The Clinton administration, the Treasury Department, the FED and some members of Congress knew full-well how dangerous these 'financial instruments' were but did nothing to regulate them. Congressman Frank refused to accept the danger even when the Bush administration warned of the possible financial crisis that they could create.

President Clinton, the Treasury Department, the FED, and Democrats in Congress, not only caused millions of people to lose their homes, they caused millions of people to lose money and pension funds invested in banks and securities when the market finally crashed. President Obama and Congress have not yet fixed this problem.

Ongoing Economic Disaster.

Common sense aside, every student of Economics knows that if you put too many obstacles in front of business owners and operators they will stop creating new products and stop hiring, then begin laying off employees as the marketplace slows down. Congress and the Obama's administration have created thousands of new banking, healthcare, environmental, business and consumer protection rules and regulations. No doubt, a few are needed, but only as many as the economy can absorb without coming to a standstill. Some of these rules and regulations are so complex or costly that some companies will go out of business and many will never get started. Those that remain will have higher operating costs which will raise consumer prices.

[Understanding our economy: Our economy is nothing more than someone trying to make something, and someone trying to sell something, and someone trying to buy something, multiplied billions of times throughout the year. But if the 'gimzo' manufacturer has too many regulations he cannot make gizmos at a small profit. And if the seller has too many regulations he cannot sell gizmos at a small profit. Banks are no more than people who want to lend their money, at a small profit, so people can make gizmos and sell gizmos, but if they have too many regulations they too are unable to lend money at a small profit. When this happens companies and banks either go out of business, or try to stay in business by laying off employees to control costs, and waiting and hoping that the government will reduce its regulations. Gov. Romney wanted to reduce government regulations to get the economy moving again. President Obama's primary goal, however, is to control the economy through regulation, and he doesn't care how many people lose their jobs. Although he will tell you otherwise.]

Beyond the mortgage meltdown, President Obama and Congress, separately and together, have caused millions more to lose their jobs, their homes and their employment futures because of overregulation.

Send a message to Congress today.

Tell its members that you expect them to undo the damage by eliminating as many new rules and regulations as they can to get the economy moving again. Then ask them to impeach President Obama for incompetence - lack of proper leadership and direction. President Obama and his team know full well how to fix the economy but refuse because they favor government regulation and control over traditional market forces. The truly sad part is, most any student of Economics, and anyone with common sense, could fix the economy if he or she were President.

Finally, we have the near future and the incident in Benghazi

The Obama EPA is poised to dump regulations so restrictive that unemployment will rise again, along with the price of gasoline and food. In just the last three months, before the election, they have submitted over 7,000 new rules and regulations! (4)

And it appears that an ambassador and three others were allowed to be murdered to hide the coverup over the search for shoulder-fired heat-seeking missiles that could eventually be fired at our passenger airliners.

A) It is widely known that the CIA keeps track of all dangerous weapons held by our adversaries around the world, and has action plans to capture or destroy them if necessary. It knew the location and approximate quantity of all Libyan WMD and other weapons, including portable shoulder-fired heat-seeking missiles.  (As does the Israeli counter-terrorism unit.) However, I speculate that President Obama did not provide the necessary leadership to insure that theses missiles were either captured, guarded or destroyed during the Libyan civil war. As a result they have 'disappeared.'

B) As a result of this problem, Israel is currently putting anti-missile devices on all their aircraft. (1) "Richard Clarke, former White House counterterrorism advisor and now a consultant to ABC News," said, "I think the probability of al Qaeda being able to smuggle some of the stinger-like missiles out of Libya is probably pretty high." When Sen. Barbara Boxer was made aware of this problem she said, "Matching up a terrorist with a shoulder-fired missile, that's our worst nightmare,"  She then "sent a letter today to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano urging the two to establish a joint program to protect commercial aircraft from the threat of shoulder-fired missiles." (2) That was November 2011 - a year ago!

C) The CIA and the military have strict policies and procedures in place that require all important decision-makers to be informed when a significant international incident takes place.  These procedures mean that the president was informed as the Benghazi terrorist attack was taking place. In addition, the US has superior intelligence gathering at it's locations - it has been substantiated by multiple means that there were live direct telephone, video (many cameras) and satellite data links during the entire incident.  Many people in the government and intelligence community watched the entire action from beginning to end. Quick reaction forces were available, and could have reached the scene before anyone died. Requests for help were made multiple times. But they were not sent. (3)


1) Ian Deitch, AP, "Israel plane scared: Fears Gaza thugs hold Libya missiles,",  November 12, 2011,

2)  "Nightmare in Libya: Thousands of Surface-to-Air Missiles Unaccounted for" ABC Nightline, November 2011? (no publish date shown),

 3) Fox News has had numerous programs and specials that showed copies of government messages, along with interviews of retired CIA and Military Intelligence officers and military experts that confirm these conclusions.

 4) The John Stossel Show on Fox, Sat. Nov. 10, 2012

(No wonder the president and his supporting mainstream media hate Fox News.)

5) Educated opinion based on various trusted sources and regulatory reports

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