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Impeach Judge John McKeon

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A father raped his daughter multiple times and will only serve 60 days of jail time. Judge John C. McKeon sentenced 40 year-old Martin Blake to only 60 days of incarceration and probation for the admitted, multiple rapes of his 12 year-old. Judge McKeon even gave Blake credit for the 17 days served while awaiting trial, meaning he will only serve 43 days for the brutal sexual assault.

This is not what the prosecution wanted. They had made a deal with the father that would give him a 100 year sentence with 75 years suspended for the repeated rapes. That would have put the father in jail for 25 years. Judge McKeon ignored what the prosecution recommended, and did what he thought was best for the rapist instead of the victim.

60 days in prison with a suspended 30 year sentence does not match the crime and fails to acknowledge the horrors the victim had to endure. Judge McKeon did not uphold the responsibility of ensuring justice as he is required to in his elected position. The judge provided a number of reasons for his horrible decision. None of them justify the sentence that was handed down.

He is just one of many judges who have been caught handing down light sentences to rapists. This must stop and we can only do that by sending a message. It is time to start punishing the judges who let these monsters walk our streets. Please sign this petition calling for the impeachment of Judge John C. McKeon.

Judge McKeon seemed to only listen to those who stood by a man who sexually assaulted his own daughter multiple times. From the victim’s mother to his church, they came out in support of Martin Blake. The victim only had the justice system on her side, and it failed her. Judge McKeon failed her. She deserves justice and together we can help be her voice.

The Judicial Standards Commission must review this case to right this wrong, but in the meantime, we can ensure Judge McKeon doesn’t get to retire and collect a paycheck from taxpayers after failing to fulfill his duty as a judge. Please sign and show your support for the impeachment of Judge John C. McKeon.


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