Keep Kitti in Canada

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An Okotoks family is facing losing one of their own to deportation.

Laszlo and Viktoria Radi have raised Viktoria's sister Kitti Toris as their daughter for the past 10 years. They are the Holy Trinity students' legal guardians. But now, she faces deportation, after her study permit and request for stay have both been denied.

The family is at a loss for what their next steps are.

"We don't know what to do. She doesn't have anywhere to go," Laszlo said. "We can put her on a plane, but who is going to wait for her (in Hungary)?"

Kitti has been in Canada for three years now, and her mother is estranged from the Radis. Laszlo says she has become like a daughter to them. Adoption could take 6-7 years, and cost between $10-20,000.

The family found out about the possible deportation earlier this week when Kitti's application for temporary residence status and study permit were both denied. The family doesn't even know why her applications were denied.

The family is now looking into alternative options to avoid deportation, but they're left with many questions. They've contacted the offices of John Barlow, and have meetings with lawyers later this week, and are now waiting for more information.

"We don't understand why, because her family is here and she wants to stay with us."

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