CANADA: Permanent Residency Applicants Need to be Exempt from Biometrics NOW!

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My name is Marina Watabe, I am a Permanent Residency applicant in Canada. I have submitted my application in early June, and I received a notification from Service Canada today(August 27th) that I need to submit biometrics within 90 days. However, all Service Canada locations have suspended the collection of biometrics since March due to Covid 19. As a result, I am unable to submit biometrics that is required to complete my PR application.

In July, the government announced that temporary residents---visitors, students, temporary workers---who are already in Canada are exempted from submitting biometrics, but PR applicants were not included. Please exempt all inland PR applicants during the pandemic just as temporary residents. If Service Canada reopens, tens of thousands applicants will try to make an appointment at limited number of locations at the same time, and I can easily see it will be hard to book a spot. With new Covid rules of social distancing, it will slow down the process even more. Although I understand that in the Covid era it takes extra time to go through any process, I want to avoid waiting extra months for taking my fingerprint. Please kindly exempt me and my PR applicants fellows who have waited even longer from taking biometrics and give refund of the pre-paid fee.

Updated on September 19th:

Service Canada has reopened for biometrics collections. While biometrics is still exempted if you are applying for temporary visas, but not PR applications. Since this petition's original goal was to request exemption of biometrics in order to relief the extra wait time, I am going to submit your signatures to the Prime Minister Trudeau and Honourable Mendino.

Another update! The government has announced that if you have submitted biometrics in the last 10 years, you are able to use it. So if you have sent your biometrics before, your PR is on the way! Unfortunately, I was not required to submit biometrics in the past, so the situation doesn't change in my case and many others.Thank you for your support and wish everybody best.