Kick the scammers out of NZ!

Kick the scammers out of NZ!

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After my family was abused by the scammers who were filmed littering at Takapuna Beach I thought was time to start a petition and ask Immigration New Zealand to remove them from our beautiful country.

First, they were accused of littering a popular beach in New Zealand and telling a local they’ll “knock your brains out” if they question their behaviour again. Now, two restaurants have weighed in against the group of unruly tourists.The restaurants are accusing the group of refusing to pay for meals after complaining they found hair in their food.

The group have been scamming there way around Auckland and Hamilton. The family allegedly tried to turn Mairangi Bay cafe staff members against each other before shoving plates into an employee and running away without paying their $110 bill

Staff at Mr India and The Backyard Bar & Restaurant in Northcote said the group ordered hundreds of dollars' worth of meals at their restaurants before refusing to pay because they claimed there was hair in the food.

The is also a major problem! Who needs some proper discipline.

These have been causing trouble wherever they go! These scammers might of got away with it in Australia but we sure won't let them get away with it here in New Zealand. It is time to get enough people signing this petition so we can hand it over to the New Zealand Immigration and send these losers back to where they came from. 

 UPDATE: The tourists have been seen in Burger King - Te Rapa. Police have been called and are now on the scene. Immigration is also reported to be there too. 15/01/2018 3:30pm.



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Let's get these scumbags out of NZ!