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Immigration Minister: Do not DEPORT my friend's family to face FGM and GANG ABDUCTION.

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It is very devastating for me to see my friend and her family of her husband, a newborn baby girl and a 6-year-old daughter have less than 6 weeks to be deported to Kenya where female genital mutilation (FGM) and gang related violence is still highly prevalent. 

If my friend and her family are deported to Kenya, there are huge chances that her innocent young daughters including herself will be the victims of FGM and her husband will be forced to join the violent gangs like MUNGIKI. She has been living here in Australia since 2009 and her both daughters are born here who have no idea of any cultural values of Kenya whatsoever.

By deporting her family, the Australian government is condoning violence against women and human rights to freedom. If this happens, not only the life of four innocent human beings will be destroyed but it will also hugely shatter the life of their friends and other families here in Australia and Kenya.

This all happened when the department of immigration refused the humanitarian visa and the worst case, the  Administrative Appeals Tribunal refused to open the Migration Review Tribunal application just because it was late in 1 working day. Even the application would not have been late by 1 day if the staff at immigration had provided the right suggestion when asked.

My friend and her very young family are at the dire constraints and this negative impact would destroy their life forever. It is not something anyone has to see their friend go through such hardships and struggle for the survival. Going back to Kenya for them will be like walking on a knife's edge every day.

The Minister of Immigration, Hon Peter Dutton should not be heartless. I believe he would not do the same if it was his friend's family. He should not throw the lives of such a young family to the horrific, dangerous and cruel environment full of practices such as FGM and gang violence.

So, please sign the petition to save my friend and her beautiful young family. I am begging you to help them from such a cruel deportation. Let's give them a chance to live a peaceful happy life.

Thank you very much for your support.

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