Life threatening condition if travel, remain in Australia is shaffan's only life line

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My family and I must leave Australia. I was informed on 22nd of the August that my visa application for permanent residence is declined. The reason for the refusal is my son's Medical Condition. My son Shaffan Ghulam Muhammad Born in Australia 2014 and suffers from a very rare genetic disorder  called Chondrodysplasia punctate. As a result of his disease he had a cervical spinal injury at the age of six months. Consequently, he has incomplete tetraplegia with central cord syndrome. In simple words he is paralysed from neck and below. He has very weak respiratory system and has no control over his bowels and bladder. Unfortunately, due to his respiratory problem he had hypoxic brain injury in March 2015. That complicated the overall clinical picture.

He has been getting help from a multidisciplinary Tertiary care team based at Perth Children Hospital. My fears are that my son is not fit for air travel as indicated by his treating paediatric consultant. Furthermore, we do not have the medical expertise in my country of origin to care for such a complex patient. These factors can be detrimental for his health and wellbeing, may possibly be life limiting. He has survived so far  because of the excellent health care he has received in Perth Australia. Currently, he has input from physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech from Therapy focus. He is also attending school Castlereagh in Willetton. All these efforts have made his life more meaningful. Myself, I completed my Master in professional accounting from Murdoch University and also did professional year which helps me how to work in Australian environment. I worked in hospitality for eight years and sometimes I do two jobs to support my family. My daughter was born 2017 in Australia and for both my children Australia is home. My wife Mehwish completed her Masters in interior design. She looks after our son with full responsibility and is a great mother.

We are requesting the Minister for Home Affairs to intervene on compassionate grounds and grant our visa. This is our only chance to stay in Australia and only hope for my son Shaffan.