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Keep Mom in America with her family and son with disabilities

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Hi i'm Wafaa Hamdi and I am 18 years old. I start this petition today because I am trying to keep my family together. My mother has an appointment on September 6th, 2017 with Immigration to decide a date for her departure back to Morocco. My mother has done nothing wrong, she is a stay at home mom who takes care of the bills, house and most of all my brother with Down Syndrome. She has been here for 24 years. My brother has quite a few other illnesses that require him to be supervised at all time and certain times that he needs to take medication and because the rest of the family is taking care of our day to day responsibilities, my mother is the one who takes care of my brother. I ask you guys to sign the petition to let Immigration know how caring, loving and innocent my mom really is and that she deserves to stay here. My brother and I are citizens, where are our rights to keep our mother? We can't live with out her. We grew up in America and couldn't see ourselves living in Morocco. With that being said, my brother wouldn't be able to survive in Morocco under his medical circumstances. My parents came here legally, pays their taxes and does everything normal Americans do. They came here for us to have freedom, be successful with education and to live a happy healthy life. But without my Mother that won't be able to happen because she is the one who helps us with everything. Please and Thank you to whoever signs the petition! May you all have a blessed day.


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