Grant Jeanette Vizguerra a Stay of Removal to continue waiting for her visa in the U.S.

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Jeanette Vizguerra is a Colorado community activist and leader who is facing deportation and removal back to Mexico. Jeanette has led the fight against her own deportation now since 2009. She previously sought refuge at a Denver church rather than expose her family to the dangers of Trump’s immigration agents. In 2017, Jeanette was recognized as one of Time Magazine’s most influential people for standing up against the oppressive immigration system that sought to separate her from her children.

Mother of four children, and grandmother of three, Jeanette has taken her fight as visible and vocal as her resistance for herself and others. She is the pillar of the family; her children and grandchildren are the motivation in her life. She provides security and confidence in their young lives and wants to continue to protect them. Jeanette has given a large part of her time to advocate for her community. She has worked for SEIU as a labor organizer and volunteered with her children’s schools, the Aurora Neighborhood Watch Program, Rights for All People, the American Friends Service Committee, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, National Domestic Worker’s Association, We Belong together, as well as founded several organizations like Dreamer’s Mothers in Action-Colorado, Abolish ICE Denver, Denver County Sanctuary Coalition, and more.

Jeanette has worked tirelessly to build her community in Colorado and has inspired many with her courage, passion and compassion. Jeanette exemplifies the brutality of our immigration system that is unjustly separating families and denying many the ability to live with dignity. Although Jeanette has received support from many of Colorado’s political leaders like Representative Michael Bennet, Congresswoman Diana DeGette, Senator Jessie Ulibarri, Councilman Paul Lopez, Mayor Michael Hancock, and many more, Immigration continues to target her for speaking out against them. Currently Jeanette is seeking deportation relief through a special visa for being the victim of certain violent crimes. Although she meets the merits to receive the visa, she is currently on the waitlist amongst 140,000 petitions; all while only 10,000 visas are awarded each year.

Jeanette continues to seek her community’s support to show the oppressive Immigration system that we are all people and deserve respect and dignity. Please consider signing this petition for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to grant her Stay of Removal and approve her visa petition.