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Deport Issac Gatkuoth..

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22 days of MAYHEM

Causing 1 death at the time a mother of 2 minding her own business, In time the PTSD got all too much for another victim of Issac Gatkuoth and he sadly comitted suicide in January 2017.

2 families in mourning over choices made by 1 man given the best opportunities in life that he took for granted.
Issac Gatkuoth has many victims that he has harmed, injured & stolen from.
He is currently serving a 20 month sentence for his hideous inhumane crimes.

He was placed in a juvinille prison because he pleaded that he would not cope in adult prison or magistrates relented.
Our own Australian government have revoked his visa cancelled gone never to be released on Australian soils again.
Now here it comes Issac Gatkuoth has appealed which we all know can take years to get an outcome.

We as communities need to show the government this is not acceptable, How can a man that has lived a life of crime receive hard earned tax payers money to appeal OUR governments decision?

And yes Issac Gatkuoth has follwers and supporters they will tell you the following
- his parents where killed in Sudan
- he has been traumatised by a war torn country full of poverty.
- blah blah blah.

He bought his grief to Australia he could have made his life in this beautiful country, but yet he chose to challenge the world of crime. Innocent victims have been damaged for life.
What gives Issac Gatkuoth the right to be harm others...
There are petitions circulating to support Issac Gatkuoth for the last 4 months with a small 421 followers on there petitions.

Lets make this our voice the Australian peoples voice to not allow Issac Gatkuoth to ever enter our country or any other country (apart from Sudan) he made his choices and now he has to live with them.

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