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Immediate Return of Dogs KIDNAPPED by IGCA Rescue Representative.

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There are two things a person should never fuck with. One, someone else's money, and the other being someone else's animals (dogs). The later being the most important and the reason for this post. The OH Adoption Rep for The IGCA Rescue, who cannot be tagged and publicly shamed for her wrongful, negligent, and selfish actions as she has blocked me due to my numerous attempts to request contact information to her superiors so that I may voice my grievance, but whose name is easily accessible on the OH rescue's website, has not only wrongfully removed my dogs from my care, but has manipulated, and deceived the members of The IGCA Rescue, Judy Longhouse, Patty Woodbury, Cynthia Klopfer, and Mary Ellen LaRochelle into suborning her wrongful behavior by after three weeks from my initial correspondence, and finally upon being accused of deliberate indifference, alleging that she acted according to internal policies, and without example or evidence alleging that I provided deceitful information on my application, and stating that there is nothing further to discuss. This is far from accurate, and a totally different reason than what the rep had originally given us immediately following the removal. So which is it?

I can very well, without a doubt tell you, that in those policies, as this is a national organization, it does not say to LIE to the foster parents, MANIPULATE them into taking the dogs to North Kenny Vet Clinic so that they may facilitate the wrongful removal, or better known as KIDNAPING of the dogs, later be picked up by someone else, and claim that it was done in the dogs' best interest to make it seem proper and adequate.

It is very clear now, that outside resolution to my grievance must be found, sadly and unfortunately this is not the Wild West where one could just call the Texas Rangers whose punishment for stealing someone else's animals is being hung from the nearest tree. Above all, I wish to resolve this peacefully, but if no reply is given by the organization, appropriate legal action will be initiated. This is only a last resort, as I do not wish to harm the people involved in the rescue who are actually dedicated to helping the breed. The actions of the above mention rescue members must be exposed, and the IGCA must address this grievance, being that the rescue is a part of their organization.

Please share this so that it may gain enough momentum to bring all the involved parties to justice for their wrongful, unethical actions.

Additionally, you can take this a step further, by clicking the names of the involved parties which will send you to a contact page, where you can send them a message asking for a resolution to this and demand their resignations.

Wallie and Patty, my sweet children, I won't stop fighting for what I KNOW, and believe to be right, and you are back in your forever home, our home.

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