Justice for SSG Esposito, Alfred; a 3x Combat Veteran wrongfully sent to Fort Leavenworth.

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On February 08, 2012 Staff Sergeant Alfred Edward Esposito was found guilty of a crime he DID-NOT commit. MAJ. Ku who was his sentencing Judge openly admitted to committing "Legal Error" by disregarding the Statute of Limitations and stated that defendant SSG Esposito can address this issue during his appeals process. When the case arrived at the desk of COL. Rothstein, MI Commanding he concurred with the approval of the sentence. Corresponding outcome would occur when the case was referred to the Army Criminal Court of Appeals level. "NO GROUND BREAKING EVIDENCE" and/or "EXPLANATION" was provided to support the "additional charge" he was found GUILTY of (which subsequently contradicts the charges he was found "NOT GUILTY" of). CPT DuPerre (then) was his Company Commander that initially imposed the charges to SSG Esposito, now found himself perplexed by the sequence of events and noticed the prejudice within it; so much to the fact that he himself, testified on the character and integrity witnessed by him during his command over SSG Esposito. SSG Esposito didn't need a single defense witness to support his NOT-GUILTY plea; however, EVERY SINGLE WITNESS that the PROSECUTION presented before the court "TESTIFYING AGAINST" SSG Esposito was immediately "DISMISSED-BY-THE-JUDGE". 

As a result SSG Esposito received the following:

  • Conviction in a "General Court Martial"
  • "Bad Conduct Discharge"
  • "12 months Confinement at the Joint Regional Correctional Facility, at Fort Leavenworth"
  • "Forfeiture of all pay and allowances"
  • "Reduction to E1/PVT"
  • a re-entry code prohibiting him from continued service in all branches
  • "Inability to receive benefits earned over the decade plus he served"
  • Post imprisonment connected with the label "FELON"
  • lost his right to vote
  • lost his right to exercise his 2nd amendment rights
  • lost his right to obtain gainful employment with Federal, City, State, Civil Service, and local Law Enforcement 

Leaders "please" utilize your position - influence and assist in others realizing that a terrible mistake was made which has caused life changing ripple effects on ALL lives connected to SSG Esposito.

As a people, in no way are we perfect at anything we do. This includes our military and civilian counterparts alike; so hiccups and lacks of judgment in decision making holds a place somewhere in us all, however, doing what's right and standing firm in the face of adversity is what this Veteran deserves. He volunteered to protect America; now it's time America for us to protect SSG Esposito.

Furnished upon request are countless documentation, citations, certificates, awards, reference letters, and just awesome powerful words and testimony from the U.S. Army, key leaders, senior and subordinates' alike, family, friends, and even acquaintances that properly depicts SSG Esposito and outlines him as a pillar in his various communities. Our Army needs determined, consistent, mission ready leaders whom can continue to impact young Soldiers all the while preserving the true essence of The Army Values and Mission. Please reinstate this NCO so he can continue to be what he was created to be, Rifleman, Soldier, and Leader.

We ALL took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic // I challenge you all to stand tall and do what's right // Save a Soldier and his family // ALL we're asking for is due process // revisit this case; examine the facts; except this time on a public scale // NO-MORE-BEHIND-THE-SCENES // Soldiers volunteer and are fully prepared to risk their lives and give the ultimate sacrifice just to protect our nation; our values; our freedom.

The Geneva Conventions and Rules of Engagement GUARANTEE the enemies of our great nation protocol, policies, and procedures ESPECIALLY-IN-A-TIME-OF-WAR; at the very least sign and share this petition; help push the agenda forward; our Soldiers deserve at least that same level of care.