Immediate Independent Investigation of Trump Administration

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Immediate Independent Investigation of Trump Administration

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Robyn Ruth started this petition to Senator Elizabeth Warren and

Dear Members of Congress,

We the people call for an immediate independent investigation of the Trump Administration.

Constituents deserve your support and reassurance that declarations of opposition to the Trump administration will be followed up with concrete action. Repeated calls for an independent investigation into ties between the Trump administration and Russia are a start, but are not enough. We need bold and decisive action.

We demand an independent commission expeditiously, thoroughly, and publicly investigates the Trump administration's political and financial entanglements with Russia.

There is clear and mounting evidence via multiple intelligence agencies that the Russian government intentionally undermined the 2016 election by hacking into DNC emails with the express purpose of aiding Donald Trump’s campaign. That alone would merit an independent investigation.

Republicans in the Senate claim an investigation is underway, but a Senate committee investigation led by the Republican majority will not give us the answers we need. An investigation - independent of the administration and the Senate - will ensure that all findings are released to the public and that no evidence is ignored or suppressed. We need an independent investigation now.

Our democracy and our national security are on the line. This is no time for political calculations, for compromise, or for hesitation. This is a time for bold, no holds barred, persistent action.

We urge all Members of Congress to postpone hearings, effectively shut down legislation, and take necessary action to minimize Donald Trump's involvement in decisions and access to classified information until the independent​ Russia investigation is closed.

We cannot allow a corrupt administration to have a lasting effect on our democracy. Let us make sure that there are no conflicts of interest, let alone illegal or treasonous behavior, before Donald Trump is allowed to pursue further legislation and appointments.

It would be irresponsible and a disservice to the American people to conduct "business as usual" during an investigation that could conclude with prosecution or impeachment. If ever there was a time for a temporary government shut-down, it is now.

You must do everything within your power to ensure that the Trump administration is independently and publicly investigated. 

Thank you.

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This petition had 45,215 supporters

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