Revise the 2015-16 Traditional Calendar

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Our summer vacations continue to get shorter and shorter. Most other schools in our District, and in surrounding areas, end their school year around the second week of June.  To the best of our determination, Dryden schools are tentatively scheduled to end June 16th, Almont, Lapeer and North Branch are all scheduled for a June 17th last day.  Imlay City has now pushed its last day to June 23rd, a full week after surrounding schools. Although not in Lapeer County, Capac ended a week earlier than Imlay City just like, the other Lapeer county schools did, in this, the 2014-2015 year.  The continued additional week put in by Imlay City will result in students being in class until what will be the fourth week of June for the 2015-2016 school year.  

Although we understand Labor Day 2015 is landing a little later, it should not cause our school year to extend this far.

As it stands, the current Traditional Year Calendar runs September 8, 2015 to June 23, 2016. This is needs to change. Our children work hard all year and deserve a REAL summer vacation, just as we deserve to have that time with them. The current schedule is nearly a year round calendar. If we, as parents, wanted to put our children through the year round program, we certainly would have signed up for it. We did not.

The current calendar greatly reduces the summer opportunities for our children to attend sport or other summer camps; it shortens the chance for families to plan extended vacations. 

So often, teachers remark towards the end of the school year, that they’ve “lost their kids” or “the kids have checked out because the weather is warming.” Keeping the children in class until June 23 is simply putting in time. They are no longer truly learning. Many of these last days are filled with movies or ‘fluff’ activities. This is by no means giving our children a better education.

In our beautiful state we have so few warm months to enjoy. The school system is taking that time away from our families. Many families would rather not have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, or the extra 3 and 4 day weekends through January and February, if it meant getting out closer to the beginning of June.

If our winter is rough, and requires several snow/cold days, we could literally still be taking our kids to school in July! Absolutely ridiculous and not something traditional calendar families want to do.

There are Imlay City School staff members that are equally as frustrated with the calendar, but don’t dare speak out about it for fear of their jobs. 

It’s time for the parents to speak up, let our voices be heard, and let the School Board know we will not continue to allow them to take away our summertime with our children.


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