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Illinois Home Cultivation for Patients

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The many patients of medical marijuana under the Illinois Compassionate Care Act are thankful for their provisions and resources. We are greatful to be apart of the movement in a state ranked for its regulations and clean medicine. 

Yet, as I have gotten more involved in the cannabis community I have realized that even though I am blessed to be a patient, I am missing out on a greater opportunity to experience my medicine! In Illinois, jurisdiction does not legally allow a medical marijuana patient to cultivate their own plant at home. I may argue that there are various benefits to removing this prohibition from medical patients, on a small scale! Below are some of the many supporting reasons, provided by Learn Green Flower, that growing cannabis at home is beneficial to the patient at hand:

1. By allowing a responsible, legally medicating adult to grow their own cannabis plant, you are empowering them with the ultimate form of self expression. It's a freeing feeling to have legal support in creating the plant that has so drastically changed your life for the better.

2. It is extremely rewarding. The accomplishments of having a successful agricultural crop allows all Illinois patients the chance of experiencing cannabis in a different way. Caring for your plants is a very emotional experience for many patients. It is an exhilarating experience to grow a cannabis plant from start to finish and then

consume it as a reward for all of your hard work. There are also potential benefits in gaining work-related experience relative to cultivation career opportunities in Illinois, aiming to help the workforce!

3. Knowledge of consumption! When a patient has the right to grow their own plant, they have easier access to understanding what ingredients they do or don't enjoy in their medicine. Illinois has done a great job keeping medicine clean of contaminants but with this new regulation, patients would have more control over additives they may be consuming. 

4. Long term-business relationships. With this industry thriving the way it is, having the ability to cultivate their own plant grants patient's the access to create more long-term relationships that support our state's success in the cannabis industry. There are nation-wide competitions and business endeavors that we could put Illinois on the radar with if we had slightly more legal access to our plant! 

I reason that a small allotment for home growth for medical marijuana patients has many benefits. I believe with the right regulation and legal boundaries... allowing patients to cultivate their own cannabis plant would be a step in the right direction with our involvement as a state in the modern cannabis movement. 

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