A Transparent Investigation Into the Death of Eric D Lurry Jr.

A Transparent Investigation Into the Death of Eric D Lurry Jr.

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Started by Meshona Mitchell

My name is MeShona Mitchell and my cousin, Eric D. Lurry Jr., died in police custody on January 29, 2020. I am sending this letter to ask for your assistance in getting a transparent and fair investigation for the death of Eric D. Lurry Jr.

I am not sure if you have watched the news lately but on June 30, 2020, CBS aired a news report at 10pm that confirmed the Mayor of Joliet, Bob O’Dekirk, acknowledged that there were witnesses and a video tape of what transpired while Eric D. Lurry Jr. was in custody. The Joliet Police Department released the video tape after five months passed and it clearly shows misconduct. In addition to the news broadcasting, there have been multiple stories on what happened on January 28, 2020 leading up to his death. While I am fully aware that law enforcement has a job to do, and they often have to make split second judgement calls; the information that has been shared clearly indicate that the judgment calls made during the arrest were very excessive and dehumanizing.

The job of law enforcement is to protect and serve all citizens, even those who may have a criminal past. There is no reason for anyone to die in police custody, that is why laws were put into place to determine if a person is innocent or guilty. The untimely death of my cousin has had a profound impact on our entire family and the Joliet community. His family and other members of the community have been left scared, confused, angry, sad, and heartbroken that we are among the unfortunate list of families left looking for answers in a senseless loss. I urge you to lend us your support in getting a full and transparent investigation to try to bring closure to our family. I know many are saying that all lives matter and that is true; however, all lives cannot matter until black lives are included in all lives.
With many thanks,

MeShona Mitchell

21,222 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!