Bring safety to students at IIT

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Everyone would have gotten an email from PSD about the gunshot that had just "passed" from a room in Gunsaulus.

I would first like to explain what had exactly happened:

Me and my roommate were both not in our room (Gunsaulus 3rd floor). When we came back around midnight, we saw a damaged window. I was pretty sure it was a gunshot. As soon as I saw that, I was really scared and shocked and called the RAs on Duty right away. They both came and we found that there was more damage on the east side window and eventually found the bullet which was lying in front of the couch. We called public safety immediately. When I analyzed the angle and speed of the bullet, I was traumatized because it was the exact place where my roommate and I have all our meals, I take all my classes and do all my work, which made me imagine what if I was there?!! This really got in my head. PSD officers came and took a look at everything, took the bullet, took our ID's for reference. PSD said there were shots fired right behind Gunsaulus Hall at 9pm. I wondered why none of us got any IIT Alert about the shooting unless we reported it. 
I was told I was being moved to RV North for the night because facilities were going to come to fix the damage in the morning. 
Today I got a call from 2 Staff Members. Both of them apologized for what had happened but is an apology going to fix what I have been through?? They told me to go back to my home country if I don't feel safe or if I want someone to talk to. One of them told me that SHE CANNOT ASSURE ME MY SAFETY, is this what we should be hearing from an authoritative Staff member? And what do we tell our parents?? That nobody can guarantee our safety??? I am an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT and I am thousands of miles away from home and family. The university encourages all the students to live on campus for safety reasons and my Dad did not allow me to move off-campus because of that. Now if this is the case, AM I EVEN SAFE IN MY OWN ROOM??  Being an International student I always believe that my dorm is my home away from home but now I AM NOT EVEN SAFE IN MY OWN HOUSE!! I told my Dad about what happened and he was so panicked because he had never expected something like this would happen and what if something happened to me?? What answer would my parents get?? My father was so scared just by hearing this and I cannot imagine what he must be going through just by the thought of this incident. CAN HE EVEN TRUST IIT ANYMORE?? 
I don't know what we pay so much for if you cannot assure us of our safety? Both the RA's were really helpful but had no idea what to do!! I really appreciate their efforts but at the end of the day, they are students. Even after so much happened, none of the RHDs showed up even though they live on campus. Why do they get to live on campus if they cannot even show up and take responsibility and exercise their leadership? All the work was done by the RAs on Duty. This was a big disappointment for me as to how much the students work for the campus. What is the pro staff there for then?? 
The public safety officer Jason Martin told me and my roommate while escorting us that this was an off-campus shooting. HOW IS IT OFF-CAMPUS IF A BULLET HAS BEEN SHOT INSIDE MY ROOM? The shooting happened exactly behind the new CUNNINGHAM HALL, which is going to open soon. I will make sure I spread the word among students about this. How can you assure the freshman, who will be staying there, their safety?? 
There are so many incidents reported over the year about gunshots, paintballs firings and more but I haven't seen any change in IIT's security. We always just simply get an email, saying no one was injured and it was an isolated shooting. IS THE PSD WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO GET SHOT?? I know that this is the first time that something like this happened, but it IS A BIG DEAL. AND being said that "we were not prepared", just like the pandemic, does not change anything, THE PANDEMIC HASN'T BEEN CURED YET, WILL IT BE THE SAME SITUATION WITH IIT?? ARE WE WAITING FOR MORE SUCH INCIDENTS TO HAPPEN?? 

Saying we were not prepared is not an answer to give, all the past events were enough warnings for us and Illinois Tech was still not prepared, which led to this incident. 
This experience has traumatized me and shown me how IIT functions. I have to say I am very disappointed. I have my finals coming up and should I study for that or deal with these things??? 
As an International student I came here to study and what I am experiencing is completely different!! This is not a well drafted post, as these are the thoughts which are in my head right now and I am trying to express my feelings.

But until then, I really want all of you to sign this petition SO THAT SAFETY BECOMES IIT'S PRIORITY FOR ITS STUDENTS!! I want safety for myself and all of you. This could happen with any one of you. PLEASE HELP ME ESCALATE THIS ISSUE!