Clemency for Criminalized Survivor Alisha Walker

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On Jan 18th of 2014, Alisha defended herself and her friend from a violent client, which resulted in his death. Alisha survived and her friend survived, but Alisha was to be punished for that self-defense and survival.

On Feb 11th, 2016, Alisha Walker was sentenced to 15 years in an Illinois state prison for refusing to be killed or to allow her friend to be killed by a man who held a knife against them, threatening to kill them, and refusing to allow them to leave his house.

Alisha should not be incarcerated for defending herself. Alisha should be free to recover and heal with her family and community. No one should be criminalized for their survival. We want the Governor to grant immediate executive clemency to Alisha and pardon her for the crime with which she's been convicted.