Palatine Police Department Opening the Death Investigation into James Ryker Biel

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My son James Ryker Biel died on October 31st 2019.

Palatine Police Department put out a press release on November 1st, without an autopsy even being performed that there were no signs of foul play, this is despite my son bleeding and foaming from his nose and mouth.

A Palatine Police Detective involved with previous cases regarding my sons 9 hospitalizations for prolapsed rectums, officer Leydon, watched as an unlicensed medical examiner did an autopsy on my son.

It was well known that John Walsh did not have the neccessary credentials to perform this autopsy. John Walsh also kept all of my sons neck organs as well as his heart and brain, even after his autopsy had been complete.

It was mentioned to Palatine Police Detective Mike Tulley, Commander Steve Bratcher and various others that this man legally could not perform the autopsy.

John Walsh ruled my sons death as "unexplained natural" shortly after Palatine Police Department, sent out a letter stating that they were closing their investigation.

This was despite them knowing that there was a second autopsy being performed by a licensed and experienced forensic pathologist who already had relayed her preliminary findings to Detective Tully on December 31st, regarding deep tissue back bruising.

This licensed Forensic Pathologist has now finished her exam, through the assistance of legal aid she was able to view James neck organs, heart and brain at the Office of the Cook County Medical Examiner. Her findings are that James Ryker Biel's death was caused by trauma to his cervical spinal cord, it is stated in her report that more investigation is needed to confirm what caused the injury.

Both Palatine Police Department and DCFS have been informed more investigation is required.

The only incidents that could lead to this type of cervical spinal cord injury would be, unreported car accident, fall, sports injury or child abuse.

There was never any mention of any incident in the Palatine Police report.

Someone is clearly not being forthright about what happened to James Ryker Biel on the night of October 31st 2019 and despite overwhelming evidence, Commander Steve Bratcher is refusing to reopen the investigation into Jame's death, knowing full well another child is in that home and the same thing could very well happen to her.

Somebody needs to be arrested and somebody needs to be held accountable for the death of James Ryker Biel.