A traffic control light is needed at the intersection of IL RT 52 and County Line Road

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The community of Shorewood, IL needs a stoplight at  IL RT 52 and County Line Road!

I have witnessed too many accidents at this intersection because there are no traffic control lights. Endless amounts of people are getting hurt or killed because there needs to be a red light at this intersection!


This is a dangerous section road, because of the way the road bends, it limits the driver's field of vision when traveling westbound towards the intersection of IL RT 52 and County Line Rd. With the farmsteads around this area, during the growing season, the crops are so high, drives waiting to cross over or pull out onto IL RT 52 do not see the oncoming traffic. Nor do drive obey the stop sign on County Line Road. In addition to the speed limit is 55 mph through this zone, which is too high!

The effort to put a light at this intersection has seen little to no progress, how many more fatalities need to happen before any action is taken?

By putting together a petition for this very issue. I hope to get enough people to respond to bring the issue to light at the state level since this falls into IDOT's jurisdiction. IL RT 52 and County Line Road. It does not fall within the village of Shorewood's boundaries.