Make the Subs Great again

Make the Subs Great again

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Why this petition matters

The Carlyle Sub-Impoundments are an important winter and spring stopping point for numerous waterfowl and shorebirds of all species. It is also one of the only true freelance waterfowl areas left in the state of Illinois.

The gradual decline of the Subs or (walk-ins) has been ongoing for numerous years. Once a waterfowl mecca, has turned into sub par at best. Flooding, lack of maintenance and general mismanagement has caused a once great area turn into a dismal skeleton of what it use to be.

2021 should have been one of the best planting seasons this area has saw in numerous years. Water was off the site as early as the end of May, yet planting was not started until June when we received multiple rounds of rains. Spraying did not happen and the planting of corn was unsuccessful to say the least. 

Majority of fields in the subs were natural moist soil or over taken with foxtail. Zero mowing was done in any compartments or walk ways. Water was suppose to be brought up gradually but as it sits as of now, The only good corn in the area is completely flooded up to or even over the ear. 

This has been a complete utter failure by the DNR. These issues continue all across the state of Illinois. There is multiple groups across the area set up to lend a hand and financial aid to these areas. The recommendations set out by these groups have fallen on deaf ears by the state of IL.

Changes need to be made before this area, and others like it are lost beyond repair. Management of these areas need to be in the hands of people who understand waterfowl habitat.  Management here has proven it is not. 



751 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!