Petition for Approval to Provide Illinois Early Intervention Services via Telehealth

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It is imperative that the State of Illinois approves Telehealth as a reimbursable method of service delivery for the Illinois Early Intervention program.  In order to protect the health and safety of Illinois residents while at the same time continuing to support development during the most critical period of a young child's live, let us provide Telehealth services! Illinois is among the states with the highest number of COVID-19 cases.  We need to have a method to provide safe support to families.  Telehealth is an evidenced-based practice with multiple research studies supporting its effectiveness.  It encourages family involvement which is a key component of the Early Intervention program. HIPAA-compliant platforms are easy to obtain and families can engage with therapists using the platform on their cell phone, tablet, or computer.  

Illinois, we implore you to be socially responsible! Step up and follow suit with federal rulings and other states that have granted emergency approval.  Let us continue to help the young children of Illinois.  Providing Early Intervention support saves Illinois money in the future - let us safely provide these services!