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Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC): Refuse Enbridge the Right of Eminent Domain for its Tar Sands Pipeline

We, the residents of Illinois, oppose the construction of Enbridge pipelines through our state, including the Southern Access Extension.

We stand with the landowners and farmers of central Illinois, from Flanagan to Patoka, who have refused to allow Enbridge the right to build the pipeline. We also oppose Enbridge in its current legal maneuvering to use eminent domain to force these landowners to submit to its will. 

The construction of these pipelines, which will transport tar sands oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, will result in even more pollution and climate change. This oil is not beneficial to the public, since all of the oil is for export. Furthermore, with the number of recent pipeline spills, we also do not want to risk our water supplies to a company with the track record of Enbridge. We hold that building pipelines to carry tar sands oil is part of the systemically wrong direction taken by corporations, when corporate profit takes precedence over people and the planet.

For more information, see coverage at Just BloNo.

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