"The operation [of declawing] involves essentially taking the ends of what we would call our fingers off ... I once had the end of one of my fingers crushed in an accident many years ago, and for years afterward ... I got phantom pains in that finger. I'm a human being and I could look at my finger and say, 'That's a phantom pain. I know it's not real pain. It's annoying and distracting, but I can live with it.' ... "I think if I had eight of those going and I was a cat and I couldn't really understand what had happened to me, I suspect I would have not been happy about it." - John Bradshaw

I am asking for help in my attempt of making declawing illegal in North Carolina. So far the only state in the US with any ban or law against this operation is California, but that needs to change.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
North Carolina's District 6 Representative Betty Lou Ward
North Carolina's District 4 Representative Caroline Sullivan
and 10 others
North Carolina's District 3 Representative Tony Gurley
North Carolina's District 2 Representative, Vice Chair Phil Matthews
North Carolina's District 1 Representative Joe Bryan
North Carolina's District 5 Representative James West
North Carolina Governor
President of the United States
North Carolina State Senate
North Carolina State House
U.S. Senate
North Carolina's District 7 Representative Paul Coble
Illegalize declawing cats in North Carolina