Stop Round-up spraying over Illawarra

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Illawarra District Weeds Authority will be conducting aerial spraying of the cancer causing poison Roundup- real name glyphosate in Port kembla in late June. Glyphosate has been linked with causing cancer, premature birth, and the rash of dysbiosis (gut problems) like IBS and gluten intolerance. There is a court case currently underway in Australia, the first here and this item has already been banned in several countries with Monsanto already paying out $298 million dollars in damages. Here is a link to sone more information oh health concerns. The point is... do we want this being sprayed overhead, onto our homes, plants, animals and waterays. I say no... there has to be a better way. Please sign the petition so we can attempt to stop this poison being used. We have to fight for change. No longer accept the things you cannot change, but change the things you cannot accept.