The Earth is our responsibility, stop deforestation before it's too late

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How many of us are actually aware of what is happening to our Earth? The Earth is currently going through global warming. You must be thinking, how serious can global warming be? The temperature of the Earth rises every year. There are many factors that causes global warming. But today, we are going to look into one of the factors, deforestation.

200 000 acres of forest are cleared each day. That is 139 acres each minute. Assuming there are around 400 trees per acre, making 55600 trees being destroyed every minute. At this rate, we are going to lost all the trees in the world in a century's time, or maybe lesser than that. How are we going to explain to the future generations?

Without the trees, our oxygen would be heavily affected as trees are our main source of oxygen. Furthermore, without trees, the carbon dioxide level in our atmosphere would increase. This would cause more heat to be trapped in the earths atmosphere which would lead to global warming.Cutting down rainforests to create land for plantations or logging affects the lives of indigenous people, which is the social impact of deforestation. Besides losing their homes, indigenous people are forced to adapt to a new way of living.The loss of tropical rainforests means they have to find other ways to survive. This displacement from their homes also often causes indigenous tribes to disperse and cultures to disappear. The ranforest is home to half the living species and 1 quarter of medicine.

Here are some other impacts of deforestation:

1. Economic Impact  - depletion of natural resources. A natural resource is anything for the natural environment that people can use to satisfy their needs such as food, shelter, clothing, air and water. Tropical rainforests provide this natural resources. Rapid deforestation often destroys the rainforest faster than it can replenish itself. As a result, many natural resources provided by rainforests are being depleted.                  

 2. Environmental Impact - loss of biodiversity, loss of water catchment areas, increased risk of flooding, soil erosion and sedimentation and enhanced greenhouse effect. The enhanced greenhouse effect affects people and the environment. For example, increased temperatures can caused ice caps to melt! This can result in a rise in sea levels and flooding of low-lying coastal areas. 

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The Earth is our responsibility, save the Earth before it's too late!!! #stopdeforestation2018