Save the Blahaj from Extinction!

Save the Blahaj from Extinction!

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Started by Jackie Whiteside

(Please contact Ikea on social media or otherwise to make sure they know how much Blahaj will be missed. Links at the bottom.)

The Blahaj (pronounced "blow-hi") is a blue stuffed shark that Ikea has sold for years, and has brought joy and comfort to thousands of people. But in April 2022, Ikea will discontinue the iconic shark, and it will be gone forever.

We cannot allow Blahaj to go quietly into the night! We must try to make Ikea see that this meter-long friend is worth keeping on shelves so that new people can continue to walk into a furniture store and come out with a soft sharky companion. There are already supply problems with the Blahaj, and many people already can't find themselves a blue shark of their very own.

I haven't had my Blahaj for very long, but when I heard this news it made me incredibly sad. My Blahaj means so much to me, and to a lot of other people (just look at the Reddit page and Instagram tag devoted to it). It's the perfect size for hugging and I have never encountered a stuffed animal made from such pettable material, especially for how inexpensive the Blahaj was (~18 USD). The thought that there will be a time in the near future that nobody will be able to realize the joy of owning Blahaj is a very concerning thought, and a world without Blahaj is a worse world overall.

In short, make a lot of noise about this! Don't just sign this petition, go to Ikea directly, through social media or otherwise, and tell them how sad you are to see our soft shark go! The Blahaj is important to a lot of people, and it would be a crime to see it discontinued without resistance.

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It's a little more indirect, but IKEA also allows you to submit ideas for new products at, so we could suggest the Blahaj's continued existence via that.

8,470 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!