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Please protect our park! Stop WSSC from destroying the Quince Orchard Valley Park!

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One of the last forested neighborhood parks in Montgomery County, the Quince Orchard Valley Neighborhood Park is a 6-acre county park, established in 1970 and located in upper Montgomery County (Maryland).

The crowning features of the Park are the creek (a tributary of the Great Seneca Creek on its way to the Chesapeake) and a vernal pool that supports a large number of marginalized or threatened indigenous amphibian species - as well as migratory birds, raccoons, foxes, deer and other wildlife. The woodlands are populated by 50 to 100-foot tulip poplars, mature black cherry, locust, sycamore, black oak, white oak and ash trees, as well as understory trees and shade species vegetation.

The Quince Orchard Valley neighborhood is now embattled defending this Park and our community against a poorly-planned and under-reviewed WSSC project which is supposed to excavate and reline sewer pipes.

As became apparent in October of 2015, when starting the project in the fall of 2011, WSSC was required to mail letter notifications to all owners on Suffolk Terrace whose lands adjoin the Park, as well as other owners who will be affected by the construction project, to enable us to participate in the Public Hearing of the project.  By law, we were supposed to receive those letters no later than 14 days before the Public Hearing, which was held on January 5, 2012 in our absence.

WSSC did not send the letter notification at the beginning of the project and thus violated the Maryland Law.

On October 21st and December 16th, 2015 WSSC carried out two non-binding neighborhood meetings and presented two construction plans which produced numerous objections in our community.

In continuation of its malicious practice, as of January 8th, WSSC announced a new plan, which was never presented to our community before, and which suggests a much larger impact to our environment than it was discussed during our last meeting on December 16th, 2015. In addition, now it becomes clear that WSSC lied to the community on December 16th, 2015 about not being able to use a realistic alternative plan to carry out the construction that would minimize the negative impact on the park and the resident properties. 

Now WSSC is poised to begin work in Quince Orchard Valley Park that will do devastating and lasting damage. This work should be stopped immediately before the state and the county suffer irreparable losses.


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