MyKailua We don't want public shaming, witchhunts & bullying in Kailua.

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Mahalo everyone - 150 people signed by word of mouth only. We are closing this petition out because Ikaika has seen it, has talked to My Kailua and is willing to consider mediating a discussion.

A petition is a reasonable way to seek community change.  For those who have chosen to make threats, please do not infringe on our 1st Amendment rights to petition our government. This is meant to peacefully protest how we have been affected with the hopes to make change.  

"I certainly would not publicly shame folks in the way that MK does. Have suggested to MK that they be more civil, & encourage the same of their followers." - Ikaika Anderson in reference to this issue

We are Kailua parents, sisters, brothers, wives, teachers, businesses ... and we are concerned about some of the  irresponsible and damaging actions of the "My Kailua" community page.  We are NOT attempting to take MyKailua down or block free speech.

The Internet has muddied the waters of where our trusted information comes from . The end result of MyKailua public shaming, and censuring and filtering conversations is a lopsided view of truth, where instant information makes us emotionally charged gets further validated.  When the other side finally reaches through the noise to bring balance, too much damage has been done to someone's reputation or livelihood.

This is not good in a town struggling to keep its identity only further pulls us away from keeping our Kailua community whole.  It is taxing on an already strained town. 

We are asking that MyKailua:

  • Properly report issues to governing agencies and let them investigate not share and then take actions into your own hands. ( to avoid putting people or companies on blast that are innocent which has happened in the past)
  • End bullying, public shaming, personal attacks, attacks on businesses, inconsistencies, lack of fact checking, rumors, negativity, trolling, defamation, and vigilante justice especially on an action or crime without conviction because it is a form of bullying and is not consistent with our community.
  • Do a better job fact checking and try to avoid the sharing of rumors and misinformation. (which consistently has happened)
  • Separate community interest with the true nature of MyKailua being a commercial business with a monetary agenda.
  • Connect with local groups and learn about who they are and what they do. Lack of Face to Face conversations and involvement in important groups in Kailua has resulted in the spreading of false and defamatory information. (stop the attacks on other groups working in the community)
  • Follow a professional standard of best practices because a social mob is not only dangerous BUT unjust.
  • Be a responsible community moderator consistent with the flavor or our town not act as Judge, Jury and Executioner.
  • To remember the My Kailua are not elected officials and do not speak for Kailua but to only speak for their group and those community who choose to participate.
  • Allow appropriate community discussions on issues, even ones that do not agree with you. (end the censoring and deleting of opposing views)
  • Assign a responsible representative to attend community meetings and join Kailua community organizations to  meet with a representative or board member from each group to ensure the community is receiving correct information.  Danny Caslers' prolonged absence from Kailua is contributing to a lack of understanding of what Kailua is about.
  • Join existing community efforts to get a better idea of what else is happening in Kailua as there is much more going on than they are aware of evident in the comments that no one complaining does anything in the community.
  • Admins making personal statements of opinion in their own names for accountability, and MyKailua remain neutral as the responsible way to run a social media community page.

The History

The complaints against MyKailua are not from a few people as they would lead you to believe. Ikaika Anderson has been fielding complaints for over 2 years by multiple people. They dealt wit the issue the Kailua way. Attempt to talk and then go to our elected officials. Also because they were afraid of retaliation and Ikaika is an objective party that can record the issues and protect their privacy.

Fake accounts are not the same people but pop up after each time MyKailua has instigated a witchhunt. It is the victims and families and friends who tried to speak out and were banned and their only way to defend themselves is to create new accounts.

They also can't speak out in their own names without putting their jobs at risk as MyKailua has gotten people fired, attempted to get people fired and attacked friends and families online.

Go ahead and contact Ikaika yourself. He wont give you details because the people are asking this to be private to avoid retaliation, but he can confirm there are real people that have reported real issues.

In conclusion

My Kailua has potential to be a great benefit for the community and we are not looking to shut it down.  It doesn't matter where any of you are from or how long you have been here.  It only matters how you treat people and your community. 

We have the right to not agree with My Kailua.  The same rights they claim to have to run their page are the same rights we have to disagree. 

We advocate for keeping the Kailua community way intact, and if someone falls we help pull them up.  Where we talk to each other when there is issues not "put each other on blast".  Where we have compassion for those who may have lost their way. 

You can forgive those who hurt you and stop inflicting more wounds on an already wounded world. It’s up to you. All you have to do is let the light shine through you. It’s there. I promise, and it’s yours to shine forth.

As the protestors of Mauna Kea have shown us, you can be passionate and say what you feel but to always remember to treat each other with Aloha.

We just want what is best for the community and if you do too, we hope you will listen. Mahalo.

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