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JEE ADVANCED 2017, BONUS- Boon or Curse!

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its all about our dream we saw day and night .We did alot to achieve, we did alot to crack JEE exam, we sacrifice everything for just one seat in an IIT, So its clear how much it is important for me and my family who did alot, its not only for me,it is for the whole community of students who lost there dream to become an iitian,   

whats wrong with 2017 Jee advanced result, it was shocking, for many what we expected an what happened. one is the reservation that beat us alot, second this year bonus threw us out of the race. 

I'm not against Resevation, totally not but as a GENUINE GENERAL STUDENT I'm just sharing what I'm going through.

Request to all my buddies, please come up and help us.

I am giving some clues here, please think on it. Its all about our future.

Bonus affected students, their dream, their career. So, we just want an CBI investigation on this result, along with solution how IIT Madras will justify their bonus distributing way. 

If they can't justify this, their should be Re JEE-Advance.

  • Bonus, so called bonus and that’s giving 18 marks in grant to all without thinking not a single time that will it be justice to those who attempted and answered it right , like for example, IIT Madras gave bonus to all the candidates for that chem. integer ques. ( diamagnetic and paramagnetic) just because of printing mistake in a singe code. Its really senseless.
  • What about feedback given by us?
  • Wide difference between rank and marks.
  • 2017 paper is not that easy as 2011 was.
  • Look at jee mains cutoff.. i am shocked!! is 40 days are enough to be so brilliant to score 60–70% in JEE ADVANCE
  • Where is cutoff, didn’t mention before result.
  • Rank vs Marks, isn't look fake if we compare it previous comparision in history of jee advanced.

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