Stop discrimination towards General Engg. Males

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Dear All,

With over 1.5 million engineers graduating each year in India, a substantial amount stay unemployed upon completion of graduation.

Some join an organisation that pays peanuts or way less salary than the work expected out of them. With most employees looking for a way out either for career progression/switch, education (master's) or just due to disgruntlement with the working organisation. These reasons concomitant with low wages pushes the grads to take competitive exams like CAT, XAT etc to pursue their dreams as well as to earn the kind of money they expect.

Being engineers, scoring in aptitude exams is a no-worry for most applicants. But then they have to face the wicked system of Indian reservation. Scoring 99 (ranking top 1000 in the country) even is not enough for getting into the premier b-schools (IIM-A,B,C). 

There are numerous reservations for caste, subject diversity, gender even, putting engineers heavily on the backfoot. Caste-based reservation being a whole another malcontent for deserving Indian applicants, considering just general population. IIMs call applicants from other branches-Arts, Architecture, etc at 81 percentile (ranked lower than 40000) while highly deserving and hardworking candidates at 99.5 being blatantly refused.

More so, with interviews as only judgement criteria for entry into any job or post-grad school, is also not easy for engineers who may easily describe the quantum mechanics universe but not 'tell me about yourself'.

This is gross discrimination with the engineers in the country who did not choose the life of engineering and our system does not make it easy on them to take the step towards their dreams.

The IIMs need to change the system and mitigate these cascading effects of reservation at every stage. The engineering males tread a tough course already.