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IIFA - Make a Statement Against Bollywood’s Treatment of Women as Sex Objects

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Afghan Jalebi. Bomb. Bandook. Zandu balm. Bottal. Kaddu. Halwa. 

These are the words that none of us use to refer to our women friends, co-workers, bosses, doctors, pilots, chartered accountants, mothers and sisters in our daily lives. Then why are we sitting silently and tolerating Bollywood's continued objectification of women?

Objectification means treating a person like a thing, without regard to their dignity.

Bollywood needs a reminder that we are #WomenNotObjects. That's why I have started this campaign.

I'm asking IIFA (The International Indian Film Academy awards) to make a statement against the objectification of women at its 2019 award show.

Sign my petition.

I knew I had to do something when my 7-year old cousin belted out the song. "Hai tujh pe right mera, tu hai delight mera, tera rasta joh roku tokne ka nahi" (Which loosely translates as "I have every right on you. If I block your path, don't protest").

These lyrics go against the very idea of consent!

The result is that men and boys are going around believing that it is fun and acceptable to stalk a woman and harass her, especially after she says no! 

And its not just the boys! These lyrics affect women and girls too. They teach them to be submissive and accept lewd comments, stalking and abuse as normal.

I refuse to submit! As a woman living in the 21st century India, I am angry and fed up of entertainment being used as an excuse.

In fact, Prasoon Joshi, the renowned lyricist who now heads the Central Board of Film Certification recently admitted "We have portrayed women as sex objects in movies, taking things so lightly. We have failed women as an industry"

Its high time the film industry begins to fix the damage done. 

Sign my petition asking IIFA to make a statement against objectification of women at its 2019 award show. 

I've chosen to address my campaign to IIFA because of their impressive track record of honoring women centric movies. They also aimed to restore gender parity by naming the Best Actress Award as the finale act. This move by them will send a strong message out to the film industry and the millions watching. 

Respecting women can no longer be restricted to political slogans and bumper stickers on auto-rickshaws. Sign my petition! #WomenNotObjects #NoMoreGandiBaat

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