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The Independent Institute of Education(IIE - Varsity College, MSA, Rosebank College, & Vega School) has taken the decision to cancel Graduation 2020, due to the current worldwide pandemic i.e. COVID-19(Corona Virus).  We acknowledge the seriousness of COVID-19, and we agree that we should do our very best in order to flatten the curve. However, we feel that this decision was radical and we would like for the Institution's board to reconsider their decision of cancellation, and replace it with one of postponement.

There are many alternatives which could be implemented, apart from cancelling graduation as a whole. An example of such would be to hold the graduation ceremony in smaller groups in different time slots/on different designated days. The graduands have worked diligently and are deserving of a graduation ceremony, so that their achievements are admired, commended as well as recognized. It is a day that every graduand looks forward to. Parents/fee payers have worked extremely hard to make sure that the very exorbitant tuition fees were paid for the qualification(s). This is a monumental experience for graduands as well as their parents/loved ones. We appeal to not be robbed of such a special feeling and honourable event, and all we're kindly asking is for graduation to be postponed, rather than cancelled.