Rehire Dan and Stephanie 106 WCOD

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Please sign this petition to convince IHeart Media that Cape Cod wants the rehire of Dan and Stephanie in the morning on 106 WCOD.  In what has been described as a "bloodbath"  IHeart media fired over 1000 employees nationwide on January 15, 2020, in what is being called by Rolling Stone as "one of the worst days in radio history" striking blows to local radio.   IHeart media, under guise of announcing a new organizational structure, has replaced local voices of the Cape community with automation; displacing Dan and Stephanie (voted Cape Cod's Best in the Community Choice Awards),  MaryLee Kelly from Cool 102, and 30 year Cape Cod radio veteran Lisa Z. 

Cape Cod cares about it's radio voices.  These are the voices who helped raise 95,461 toys for the Marine's Toys for Tots; distributed to needy families on Cape Cod.  These are the voices that reported on and help fundraisers when our local police officer was slain; these are the voices that help collect care packages for veterans.  If it is a fundraiser on Cape Cod, Dan, Steph, MaryLee, and Lisa Z have been there side by side with the IHeart Cape Cod team of Kevin Matthews, Joe Rosetti, Ed Lambert, Joe Jajoura and Nina Jackson.  This petition does not discredit those who survived this massive IHeart layoff.  This Cape Cod IHeart team was family, and the surviving personalities deserve your continued support..  

Dan and Stephanie are the Voices of Cape Cod - do not let IHeart Media treat Cape Cod as if these community events do not matter.  

Please petition your local businesses, nonprofits, and friends to show IHeart Media that Cape Cod Cares for our local radio voices.  Dan Mahoney and his wife are expecting a baby.  Stephanie Viva is currently undergoing cancer treatment. (GoFundMePage) These personalities, along with their teammates at IHeart Cape Cod, have always been a part of the Cape Cod Community - from announcing Santa coming by boat, to hosting Chowderfest, to being that voice that keeps you company each morning.  

Deleting your IHeart app will not bring them back. And changing the dial only hurts the remaining local personalities and staff at IHeart Cape Cod.   Only your voice can make a difference.  Other IHeart personalities have been rehired due to social media campaigns.  Please sign this petition, email, use social media to explain why you want Cape Cod radio to remain local. Together, lets take care of our local radio voices.


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IHeart Media corporate # 212-377-1200
Ext. 1100 Bob Pittman