Switch Most of the Blue LED Street Lights in Hamilton Ontario to 2200K Dark Sky Lighting

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Cities everywhere are rightly recognizing the promise of LED street and security lighting to reduce energy costs and save the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. But the choice of an overly bright white bulb is counterproductive. Remember Jimmy Stewart in the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window?" He used bright white light to blind his attacker, not help him see! A Brooklyn resident said new white LED's just like ours made it feel like the aliens have landed just outside his home. The glare disturbs residents trying to enjoy their homes at night, is uncomfortable for pedestrians and drivers, and uses more energy than today's new warmer LED's installed at the best intensity for good night vision which can save 30% to 50% more in energy costs. When glare hits the eye, you can't see all the light put out by the luminaire. We are paying for twice the energy to see only half the light!

Most Canadian Cities are Replacing Their Older HPS Lights with Harsh 3000k-4000k Street Lights, but studies say that people Prefer the Warmer Color of the Older Street Lights More Than the Blue Color however The News Outlets tried to Say that the Harsh Lights Try to Prevent Crime (With Some People in Canada even Believing Blaming News Articles on the Older Lights and Putting Harsh Lights on Their Houses)

There exists a form of torture used in war (as well as terrorism) that subjects an individual to constant light in their face during sleep hours. To maintain good health, we as human beings need the dark hours as much as we need light.

Mean While The AMA Said that in June strongly urging cities to reject street lights with too much blue in the spectrum both because they reduce visibility and they interfere with natural melatonin production at night needed for good sleep quality. Melatonin has been shown to reduce the growth rate of certain cancers including breast and prostate. Cancer rates are higher in brightly lit areas and higher for night shift workers who sleep during the day. We need light at night, but it is harmful to live in daylight 24/7. Many American Cities that have already listened to the AMA: Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Phoenix, Tucson, San Francisco, San Diego, Columbus, Montreal, many communities in Connecticut and Massachusetts, the entire state of Georgia! We request the following:

1. PAUSE the installation of the current white 4000K-3000k LED street light choice. and if already converted

2. CONSULT with cities that are successfully transitioning to warm white LED's or most Likley Amber/2200K and Narrow Band Converted Leds instead including Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Chicago, Tucson, and San Francisco. Sadles, Artenrata, Riudarenes, Laguna & Ager Camp Sites & Flagstaff The photo above is a Before and After a street put in the conversion we desire, an Amber 2200K shielded LED with much better visibility and less glare!  And color rendition is still adequate enough to satisfy crime fighters alongside the Vibrance of the City.

3. SAVE even more money on energy costs.

4. ENCOURAGE the use of non glare security lighting through an education campaign or lighting ordinance so the intended target is better lit and drivers and homeowners will not be blinded by the light.

Help us restore a healthy wake/sleep cycle and bring back our beautiful star lit nights. We owe it to ourselves and our growing children. Healthy humans

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