Prevent the posting of Pornography on Ifunny

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I started Ifunny, before it became rated 17+ for Mature. I was 15, everyone at school had it, and it was a place for clean laughs. Four years later I’m now 19, and the picture of good clean laughs has been graffitied over with images of cartoon pornographic images, lewd images, and sexualized women. It’s disturbing. Many of these accounts have large followings, and sadly the rules of ifunny can only ban the posting of full nudity. There are not enough moderators on the app to ban full nudity, and often it stays up for a month, receiving thousands of views, before anything is done. Recently, my nephew, 11, wanted to show me something funny, and opened the ifunny app. I was horrified when I realized, the amount of inappropriate content he had to scroll through in order to show me the meme he liked. Women in every position possible, and these are not limited to pictures, but also videos. It made me sick. Yes, I know ifunny is recommended for 17+, but how many times have we seen how easy it is to bypass those guidelines. These accounts need to be stopped, and they should not be allowed to advertise their filth on a comedy app. These lewd accounts have gotten to the point, they are using “bots”, automated nonhuman accounts, that can be programmed to like comments, republish gross posts, and make the lewd accounts have thousands of followers. The biggest of these accounts is a user named Juicys, who ranges from having pornographic profile pics and constantly changing his username (Modei, juicysx, juicysplus) and making alternative accounts, in case he gets banned. He frequently uses his bots, to get him top comment, one of two comments that approximately a million people see to advertise his pornographic account. I made this petition to ask ifunny to please change the rules to ban accounts that post any person, animal, or cartoon in a manner that is not intended for comedic purposes, but solely sexual purposes. Thank you!