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Petitioning Justice Geoffrey D. Cohen 100 N. Pine Island Road, Plantation, Fl. 33324

If found guilty,Max Sentence Richard Andres for Torture and Killing of kitten

On January 3, the wife of Richard Andres called police fearing for her life. Andres had become so enraged that the little 3 month old kitten “Hope” had scratched him that he “repeatedly punched the kitten with his closed first and slammed her against the walls of their home. Each time the kitten cried out in pain, he became more enraged, bringing on more beatings” states the Mail Online.

He then forced his wife to watch as he dug a hole and threw the kitten into the hole while she was still alive. Still not satisfied, he dug Hope up and beat her again, this time against the bathroom sink until she died. He buried her again, sadly this time Hope was gone.

Andres is charged with domestic violence, assault and cruelty causing death, pain and suffering to an animal. This is not Andres first arrest. He has been arrested twice previously for grand theft and then violating probation for both of those convictions, burglary, DUI and resisting arrest. He'd been in prison and had been released in 2008 after serving a year. The judge in this case, Judge John "jay" Hurley set bail at $30,000, and so far Andres remains behind bars. The Broward Circuit Judge was quoted as saying:

"The court believes that if you would do this to a kitten, it's not a stretch to believe you would carry this out to a person."

Andres was ordered to stay away from his wife and from all animals.

Letter to
Justice Geoffrey D. Cohen 100 N. Pine Island Road, Plantation, Fl. 33324
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Justice Geoffrey D. Cohen.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that, if found guilty, Richard Stewart Andres be sentenced to the maximum sentence allowed by law. We also request that he not be able to own or be within 100 feet of any animal.

Thank you for considering our remarks

Kind regards,

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