Get rid of the new IE University / Business School logo!

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In a seemingly sneaky overnight action IE University and IE Business School recently changed the brand identity including logo and slogan without notifying the student body prior to the changes.

A lot of us woke up on Tuesday, November 16th and couldn't identify with the new logo and, even worse, were outraged by the fact that the institution withheld such a big change from the student body.

IE has the aim of being one of the most prestigious universities/business schools in Europe - the administration has been working really hard to build up a reputation through marketing and enhancements in the programs which has led to a rise in rankings and an increase in acknowledgement and popularity of the institution despite its comparably short existence. 

We, as the proud student body of this special university, don't want the reputation that we build on for our individual future to be destroyed by a new marketing identity that doesn't represent what the university aims to be. Whilst old traditional universities have a clear identity that is not necessarily bound to a logo, the fragility of IE's young identity requires us to manifest and fully establish it - instead, the administration now overthrows years of work in a seemingly irrational misuse of resources in the creation of an unappealing new identity:

- It looks childish!
- It doesn't represent values of prestigious academia!
- It is not unique (Deloitte, Ciel - redefining uniqueness?)!
- It is an inefficient waste of resources (no wonder tuition fees are rising)!
- It is not a gradual evolvement of the identity but a radical cut instead!

Please support this petition if you think that the old IE logo was much better than the new one and should be changed again. Also, if you think the logo needs a change but don't like the new design, please help us.

More importantly, sign this petition to show IE that we, the student body, want to be involved when such major decisions are being implement in the future.

IE depends on us just as we depend on IE. And this relationship should be resembled in internal politics.

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