Stopping the abusive Calls from Idea Cellular to recover pending bills of someone else

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I was a customer of Idea Postpaid from last 2-3 years. I regularly pay my phone bills and was very satisfied with the services from Idea Cellular until this happened to me last week.

I received a call in morning, I was in my office, the person on other side said he was calling from Idea company, he said some no. and asked do you know whose no. is this. As I was busy, I said that even if I knew, why would I tell it to you and disconnected the call.
I again received a call within a min, this time he started abusing me, it was so horrible that I almost started crying, I again disconnected the call. From then at least for next 2-3 hours the calls kept coming. When I blocked all of their contact nos, then they opened my call history since I was also a customer of Idea and they could open my bill also.

They then started making calls to my family members also, they called atleast 5-6 of my family members. All my family members started calling me what has happened, someone is calling and asking due you know :my name" and then they start abusing that she has not paid her dues(whereas in reality all my phones bills are paid, someone who used to call me has not paid his bills, I am not related to him in any way).

I have never felt this helpless in my life, I then contacted one of my friends who is in Delhi Police, he told me that such things happen, I should lodge a complain with women helpline and should avoid picking calls.

This continued for 2-3 days and then I guess the person(my contact whose bill was pending) paid his bill and finally the calls stopped coming.

But those 2-3 days were the worst of my life. I was so traumatized. I kept my phone on silent all the time. When I researched on the internet then I came to know that this is a regular practice of idea cellular company and nothing happens even if you complain.

I finally thought I should port of Idea, and requested all my friends also to port out through my facebook page after letting them know what has happened to me.

Today I received a call from Idea feedback team that the you are valuable customer and why you are porting out, when I explained them the issue they started justifying that this happens. Then I thought of writing this email so that I should take this complaint till TRAI so that some penalty or something is imposed on Idea Cellular.

The Nos. from where I used to get calls -
8512849787, 7531968586 - Vikram Chaudhary
7531965423 - Ram Kumar (In one of the conversations, to convince me that he is calling from Idea, he told me that his mail id is - (, I then sent a mail on this id to check whether it is correct, and the mail didn't bounce, which means he indeed works with idea.