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Idaho Governor Butch Otter. Remove religious shield laws that prevent prosecution of child abuse due to medical neglect by faith healing parents.


Children born into the Followers of Christ church in Idaho are dying. Over 12 children have died in less than two years due to faith healing. A death rate of approx. 30% higher than the rest of the state. Their only medical care is prayer and anointing with olive oil. Their deaths can only be described as ritualistic sacrifices. The children are permitted to die as a way to show the congregation how strong the faith of the parent is.To seek medical help is perceived to show weakness and is therefore not tolerated.

Adults simply stand by and watch until the last breath is taken.

There are no attempts to resuscitate.

I am only one of many children who have suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of this church. I personally have attended over 100 funerals of these members, about one quarter of the dead are children. The picture of the baby on the petition is only one of the dead. He is the first of four children to be buried by my aunt and uncle. He was stillborn. His mother never received any type of prenatal care.

Every day that the religious shield laws remain in the law books means another child will die. Help me save the kids.


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