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Stop Privately-funded Wolf Bounty in Idaho


"The Foundation For Wildlife Management" is nothing more than a group of men spearheaded by Tony McDermott of Sagle, a former Idaho Fish and Game commissioner who wants someone else to do the hunting for him and his group,  by using the most "barbaric" form of hunting there is "Trapping". Our wolves will be trapped and tortured at the hands of these men not for management reasons but to eliminate any predator that they feel is interfering with their killing of Elk! Our wolves have not yet made a full recovery, and if they these men have there way there will be no wolves left in Idaho, and they also plan on selling this idea to Montana, Other states will follow if this activity is not stopped! 

In December of 2013 Gus Thoreson a hunter hired by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game was sent into the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Marking the first time Idaho has hired someone to reduce wolf numbers in the land encompassing this area.

The decision has a prominent backcountry filmmaker and wolf researcher raising questions about why federal resources are employed to promote predator control in the wilderness.

"I can understand a reasonable hunting season on wolves, they are considered a game animal in Idaho," said Isaac Babcock, of McCall. "But when Fish and Game hires a bounty hunter to go live in designated wilderness in a Forest Service cabin with the goal of eliminating entire wolf packs — something seems terribly wrong with that."

Babcock was a biologist for the Nez Perce tribe for 13 years, spending much of that time in Idaho's wilderness as he monitored and collared wolves. He and his wife, Bjornen, were featured in a 2012 PBS Nature program called "River of No Return," which they filmed and produced.

"I've followed these wolves through the re-introduction, delisting and becoming a game animal — and now I'm watching us step back 100 years to see wolves viewed as vermin predators," he said

The Foundation For Wildlife Management, board members is Tony McDermott of Sagle, a former Idaho Fish and Game commissioner who helped set the department’s policy of reducing wolf numbers. He and one of his hunting partners, Ron Willouby of Moscow, are interested in attracting members from the Clearwater Region. Both men hunt elk in the Lolo Zone but stopped four years ago because the hunting was so poor. They returned this year and said the problem has gotten worse.

“I think for $35 a year I can afford to pay a trapper to go and trap wolves for my benefit,” McDermott said. “It’s an expense fee. It’s an enticement to get hunters and trappers out there, and it’s working"

States, prior to changing any Law, SHOULD be mandated to place it on the Ballot for a vote from the Public Voice, Not just those so called elected officials placed in Office. Further, States will not allow any hunter to fly and hunt the same day, why is it ok for states to allow people to do it for them.


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