Reconsider the conditions or early release of a rapist from prison

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I am starting this petition to appeal to our friends, family and the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole to ensure when someone has completed their sentence that they don't impose an ongoing risk to the community.

Mark Karlovich (IDOC #107642) pleaded guilty to one count of rape with two victims on March 19, 2013. Given the offender's history it is important that Karlovich receives sex offender treatment while in custody or that Karlovich is required to complete the programming as a condition of his parole and have no unsupervised contact with minor females. There needs to be accountability on his part for the crimes he committed. I am very aware that this man will be released from prison soon. I am not disillusioned into thinking Karlovich has to stay in jail for the rest of his life and I am not after retribution. The judge ordered a sentence to be served and I am confident he gave a sentence fitting to the crime that was committed. However, the prosecutor amended the charge to I18-6101 (1) Rape with two victims and did not require the two time rapist to register as a sex offender because of his age and in order to get a guilty plea. I do question the safety of young girls in our community if Karlovich is to be released from prison in September and here is why:

  • In examining Mark Karlovich’s felony rape charge, which can be viewed by the public on the Idaho Repository website (click the link and do a name search for Mark Karlovich) you will see that Karlovich raped my daughter in October of 2012 and bonded out of jail a week later. He was ordered to have no contact with any females under the age of 18 unsupervised aside from his sister and that was completely disregarded. He went on to rape another 14 year old in December of 2012 while he was out on bail. He didn’t learn the first time he was arrested and thrown behind bars that rape is not ok; Karlovich had to go and do it again. He displayed a complete disregard for authority or the law. 

  • Karolovich’s mother lacks compassion or any care for her son’s victims. She got on the witness stand and wanted to know what was being done to the victims and why they were not being punished while her son was. Knowing that she lacks any understanding for her son’s crime, it leads me to wonder if Karlovich truly understands the pain he has caused. Two weeks ago it was brought to my attention that Karlovich’s mother was/is circulating a petition around town in an effort to seek an early prison release for her son. By doing this she continues to inflict emotional pain on her son’s victims, one of those being my daughter. When students approach my daughter and ask her, “Hey, did you know that Mark Karlovich’s mom is asking people to sign a petition for his early release from prison?”, it triggers great emotional distress and panic attacks and causes a wave of emotional issues from school to home. Karlovich’s mother blames the victims for their rape and does not hold her son accountable. The mother’s actions continue to display a lack of compassion, understanding, or remorse for her son’s crime. 

  • While in jail/prison, Karlovich chose/chooses to correspond with females under the age of 18. There is a 16 year old with letters posted all over her wall that were sent from prison by Karlovich. There was a photo posted on a minor’s (social media) page online of Karlovich in an orange jumpsuit talking on a phone while incarcerated, and to this day he has photos of himself kissing his, at the time, underage girlfriend on facebook. 

I am fearful that this man will rape again based upon his previous actions and lack of remorse. He preferred to go to prison than seek out counseling and that is where Judge Elgee sent him. Please sign this petition and ask the Commission of Pardons and Parole to reconsider releasing a two time rapist in September. If he is to be released, I am asking the Commission of Pardons and Parole to impose strict guidelines regarding no unsupervised contact with minor females and to continue with sexual offender counseling. By signing this petition you are attempting to keep Blaine County, our community and its families safe from a rapist.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Brief sentencing newspaper summary by AP news
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