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Consider Protected Status For Hyenas

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The Striped Hyena is not the most lovable animal, nor is it the cutest. But that doesn't mean they are unworthy of protection. Especially when they're facing so many threats. Things have gotten so bad for the striped hyena that the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) now lists them as Near Threated if their population continues to decline it won't be long before they are endangered. It is estimated that there are less than 10,000 left.

Habit lost and hunting has decimated the populations of the Striped Hyena. In certain parts of Africa hyena meat is considered an aphrodisiac. This has resulted in Hyena organs and meat fetching a steep price on the black market. The increased demand is decimating the population. Hyenas are scavengers and there are still people who will hunt and eat their meat. 

Despite the threat to their population, Striped Hyenas are still treated poorly. An animal clinic took in a Striped Hyenas that had bruises everywhere, chain and rope burn, teeth that were broken down to the root, broken bones, and an eye infection. It was clear that the poor animal was chained and abused by the local villagers. 

A Striped Hyena provides an invaluable service, they are the sanation workers of the animal world. They aid in the removal of carcasses and decaying matter. Without them, the ecosystem will suffer. Please sign and share to urge the government to protect the Striped hyena before it is too late.    

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