Change in HighSchool DxD Artstyle for Season 4!

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I am writing this to inform the producers that is making Season 4 for High School DxD to change back to the original styles (Mainly for Akeno and Rias Gremory) because changing up this late in the story seems bland and a slap to the fans face for their favorite characters.  I don't understand on why it was changed, knowing it was by a new studio. So if anything can be done to revert back to their old hairstyles (The lighting and vibrant colors are awesome if they were affected to the old style) that would be awesome. If anybody from the studio at Passione (Japanese Animation Studio) would be kindly to change it the Art or hairstyle back (Maybe the art to?), it would be greatly appreciated. Ichiei Ishibumi is the creator of the series so if anything would be awesome to get contact with him. But it comes with the whole new design look and it bothers me how its been changed to more "Kawai" look.

New Cover Design--

Old Design-


Animation Studio TNK (formerly that made Seasons 1-3)

Directed by-Tetsuya Yanagisawa
Produced by- Hisato Usui
Jun Hatano
Shigeru Saito
Shinsaku Tanaka
Takuro Hatakeyama
Tetsuya Tsuchihashi 


Passione (Animation Studio)  (Current Studio working on for Season 4)

Key people - Kazuhiro Saitō
(Representative Director)
Eisuke Hayashi