Stop the merciless slaughter of Blue Whales

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Every year around the globe, 1000-1500 Blue Whales are slaughtered for their cartilage, blubber and oil. Their oil, blubber and cartilage are used in pharmaceuticals and health supplements. Whale meat is even used in pet food, or served to tourists as a ‘traditional dish’. Exploiting the bodies of whales for money is illegal in most countries, so how can it be allowed to continue?

Commercial whaling was banned in 1986 under the IWC's moratorium, but mainly three countries continue this barbarous act of violence and brutality. Norway, Japan and Iceland. These three countries are responsible for the declining population of not only Blue Whales, but Sperm, Humpback and Beluga Whales. This senseless massacre of whales must stop and with your help, it can. 

By signing this petition, you can help appeal to Norway's, Japan's and Iceland's governments and leaders to halt all whaling operations. Please help stop it, every little bit helps.2